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Its been awhile….

I know, I have been M.I.A.  Its been a busy summer. Planning my wedding (July 14th, 2012), being summer camp mom, and getting new products made and ready for the holidays.  Plus we are moving this week, so the house is a mess full of boxes.  Stressful, but just wanted to stop by and say [...]

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Singing in the shower

I walked in from taking my daughter to school to find my 4 year old son singing in the shower. Not even sure what he was singing, think he made it up,lol. Daughter wanted to be Mulan for Halloween ( actually she wanted to be Snow White but I was not about to pay $75 [...]

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Its cold

I woke up today to find a very cold house. Its 59 degrees here in Southern Florida! So I know it must be 20 degrees colder up north. We got our keys to the other house yesterday. We need to go in today to clean it (its not dirty, I just like to give houses [...]

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New packaging

Taking pictures always cheers me up. I changed the shape and packaging of the ZAJA soap line. They are now 2.5″ x 2.5″ by 1.5″ and weigh about 5.5 oz each. Plus they come in this cute hand punched box and are no longer shrink wrapped in plastic, a bit more eco-friendly.  This is an [...]

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The ups and downs of 2009

This year has brough a lot of ups and downs.  The great news in that the business is prospering and we are becoming more well known. We are getting a lot of invites to shows and events, some close enough to be at, some we will have to catch next year if we are fortunate [...]

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