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Great news!

Great news!

Good news my friends: We’ve been invited by Scene Magazine to attend and promote our product line at the Axe hair line debut June 24th at Hotel Catalina in Miami, hosted by Audi. There will celebrity hair stylists there, and lots of hair demonstrations from local salons. I know its going to be one heck [...]

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Zaidat's Life Lessons 101

Zaidat’s Life Lessons 101: Please stop putting relaxers on your little girls’ hair.  Their hair is too fragile to take that kind of abuse.  That’s why they grow up and can’t grow any hair and end up looking like chicken heads.  There is really nothing that compares to a headful of natural hair:     [...]

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Beauty Secret

I wear an old pair of Spanx pantyhose on my head to go to bed. Hey, it helps me keep my hair protected:) Kinda sucks though that I paid $20 for the pantyhose and they ran the first time I put them on.

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