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Hobo Kitty

I once bought him a cat bed and he blatantly refused to use it. I think he must have been a hobo in his past life.            

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You lizard, Me Cat / And finally, Sookie the Fairy

This bad boy was sitting on my patio door today.  He is huge! And of course you know who was very intent on watching the lizard’s every move. Since True Blood is over for the year, here is a little treat. This soap has a bit of a surprise inside. They took forever letting us [...]

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Feline drama

Here is a video of my cat flipping out over the neighbor’s cat being in our yard. I feel bad for the poor kitty, they never feed him, and one of their 4 cats died last week, probably of starvation.  I see them eating mostly lizards and frogs. I feed this little guy sometimes, he [...]

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