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Interesting read on Ebay about Etsy and Artfire

Funny how they call Etsy "Betsy", Bonanza "The Ranch", Ecrater "The Moon", Amazon "The River", Google "Goo Gle"  and Artfire "Fartfire" until someone came in and suggested they call it Smartfire. Ebay thread Apparently you cannot say the name of any other venue on there at all or you will get the pink slip. How [...]

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WOW at today’s Artfire Featured Collection

You know, everyone's biggest gripe about Artfire was the design. Now the site looks fantastic, and the collections curated by the members are even more so. Check this one out, curated by Echoruby

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Today’s Artfire Collections

Curated by:
sparrowsalvage – ArtFire Artisan Studio

Curated By:
AuthenticArts – ArtFire Artisan Studio

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Artfire Pro for only $5.95

Have you been on the fence about joining Artfire or upgrading your account to Pro? Well, now is your chance to grab a Pro account for only $5.95 for life! I signed on with Artfire way back when the Pro accounts were $7. But since then they have moved up to $15.95. Although a lot [...]

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Beer Soap now available on Artfire

Beer Soap now available on Artfire

What we like about Artfire is that you can check out in so many different ways, and you don’t need an account to shop there. Check out our Artfire cart. thebeersoapcompany Unique Gifts

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