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Interesting read on Ebay about Etsy and Artfire

Funny how they call Etsy "Betsy", Bonanza "The Ranch", Ecrater "The Moon", Amazon "The River", Google "Goo Gle"  and Artfire "Fartfire" until someone came in and suggested they call it Smartfire. Ebay thread Apparently you cannot say the name of any other venue on there at all or you will get the pink slip. How [...]

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Wow @ this amazing feedback on Amazon

I often read the feedback left for my products on Amazon, my site, Etsy etc.  Please note that none of my feedback is ever solicited. I see a lot of people complain about not getting enough feedback, or getting negative feedback, etc.  I think feedback should be used as a learning tool.   From good [...]

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Our Stocking Calendar – April 2010

Our Stocking Calendar – April 2010
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