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Et Une Rose is out of the mold

Took the Et Une Rose out of the mold last night. It is a stunning bar. I also ordered a smaller stamp because I thought my old stamp is a bit too big for these cubes.  These weigh 4 oz, and they are quite the compact bar, fit right in your hand. I enjoy the [...]

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The new molds are here!

The other day I told you on my Facebook Page that I had new molds coming.  Well, they are here, and I love them!  With all the energy spent  getting the huge 2500 bar order of beer soap en route to Korea and a show tomorrow in Davie that we have been preparing for, I [...]

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Wordless Wednesday Part 2- Next movie on my queue- Cool Hand Luke

(Because everyone could use a 2 hour dose of Paul Newman. This movie has been referenced in 2 movies I watched this week.)

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Wordless Wednesday – this model dragonfly was posing for me outside the grocery store.

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Wordless Wednesday – Bernie fell asleep reading Shutter Island

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Zaidat's Life Lessons 101

Zaidat’s Life Lessons 101: Please stop putting relaxers on your little girls’ hair.  Their hair is too fragile to take that kind of abuse.  That’s why they grow up and can’t grow any hair and end up looking like chicken heads.  There is really nothing that compares to a headful of natural hair:     [...]

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Take a moment today…..

And please vote for my friend Amina Shabani so she can go to NY and meet Bobbi Brown. You don’t understand, she loved mineral makeup, and has a great beauty blog called Coup de Coeur . If anyone should go, it should be her.  Just scroll over the faces until you see her name!  Right [...]

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Fitness Entry #2 – Week 2

It’s Monday and my fitness efforts continue.  I just looked at the clock and realized that it was 2:30 and I had yet to eat anything. Nor did I feel hungry.  So I made myself a smoothie. Today’s smoothie just has strawberries, 2%milk, 4 oz of yogurt and a bit of crushed ice in it.  [...]

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Art through a child's eyes – Inspired by Frank Stella

I went to my daughter’s honor roll assembly 2 weeks ago and I was floored by the beautiful artwork the kids have on the walls lining the hallway.  Mind you, these were done by 1st-4th graders. Simply amazing!   [singlepic id=12 w=420 h=340 float=center]   [singlepic id=13 w=420 h=340 float=center]   [singlepic id=15 w=420 h=340 [...]

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Shutter Island and other stories.

Abotu a year ago I started a collection of books. Not just any books. Books that had been turned into movies or tv series.  I read all of the Harry Potter books over the holidays (felt like I was losing a member of the family after I turned the last page.) The Harry Potter books [...]

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